Sixth Arabian conference (governmental organizations adminis

استعرض الموضوع السابق استعرض الموضوع التالي اذهب الى الأسفل

Sixth Arabian conference (governmental organizations adminis

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Arab House for administrative development
In cooperation with
International union for organizational human development
Sixth Arabian conference
(governmental organizations administrative development)
Effective transformation opportunities
Location: Cairo –Egypt
Duration: 24:28 December 2017

As all the governments hardly seeking to solve all citizen problems and to get quick response for their needs through a lot of plans and programs to develop and increase the living level and to make sure the countries development progress be continuous to get all the solutions for people problems and this can’t be achieved without getting the full image for what’s happening in the country and be sure to mix between mentality and management activities and using high tech programs from another side to contain all the development activities and processes and try t get the full advantages from all this procedure .
Our conference aim to:
• K now all the public strategies in field of knowledge
• Mix between digital systems and administrative management
• Forecast the future and the directions of administrative development in the continuous technology updating and how to create effective Opportunities
• How to create effective Opportunities using digital tools
• Analysis of disadvantages for using Digital tools in development.

Conference themes Divided to:

1. Information’s and management and policies
2. Electronic governmental Development and its relations with policies
3. Policies development strategies and it’s relation with management development using
Communication and information technologies
4. Integration between Information technology and organizations and governmental departments needs

Out conference suitable for all the following titles:
• CEO and management board Members
• General managers in variable ministries
• Human resources development, Human resources management, training and administrative development managers and all these departments employees .

And for this occasion we are honored to invite you to participate and to spread our conference launching and will be please to get your feedback if you are interested or who will be interested about this conference
Kindly know the cost of this conference attendance is 1000 U.S.D for participant

Hope to get your feedback as soon as possible for more information kindly communicate us

Tel: 0020237800573 Email:
Kindly show the participant Names and titles and payment terms or fill up our application through the next URL:

Sara Abdel-Gawad
Assistant Training Manager

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